Friends, partners and donors


  • MONSTRA – Festival de Animação de Lisboa
  • Titeresante | Puppetring – Revista de títeres, sombras e marionetas
  • CHAIA – Centro de História de Arte e Investigação Artística da Universidade de Évora
  • IADE


  • Francisco Capelo
  • Grupo de Teatro d’ A Barca
  • Chagas Ramos
  • Cendrev
  • Fernando Galrito
  • Paulo Cambraia – Mega Toon
  • Maria Adelaide Pássaro
  • Maria Cândida Trindade
  • S.A. Marionetas
  • Ildeberto Gama
  • Delphim Miranda
  • Mestre Filipe
  • Nuno Bernardo
  • Carlos Bonina Moreno
  • Maria José Delgado

Museum Friends

The development of a museum greatly depends on the support given by the public, and visitors may give their contribution to enrich and develop activities in the museum.

We will soon be able to create an association whose goals will be:

  • To promote the interest for Museu da Marioneta and to divulge its existence as a cultural body devoted to the study, dissemination and valuation of the puppet     universe.
  • To support the growth and diversification of its collections.
  • To ensure the participation of its members through their indispensable contribution.
  • To bring awareness to the preservation of our cultural heritage.
  • Join this project and advise us on your intent to participate.

Join this project by sending an email to