Premises and Services

Convento das Bernardas has different units and is a space, which combines multiple activities, both for internal use and for external entities.
The building accommodates tenants, a restaurant, Madragoa’s club, a puppet theatre company, a theatre, and the Museum itself.

N. Sra. da Nazareth chapel

The ancient chapel of the convent – approximately 190 sq meters – had different uses throughout the times, as witnessed by its paintings on the walls, from the 18th century marble paintings to the contemporary paintings from the beginning of the 20th century.

From place of cult to theatre, it is nowadays part of the Museum, and the place where exhibitions, shows, conferences, and many other events are held.


Venue for outdoor activities – approximately 400 sq meters.

Lab of arts

Space specially designed for younger audiences. Enables pedagogical activities combined with the tour of the Museum.

It also has a room to accommodate birthday’s parties.

Coffee shop

Museum coffee shop (auto-bar).


The Museum also offers a small shop with various objects linked to the puppet and puppet theater: puppets, author puppets, brochures and catalogs. Marionette Museum merchandising products are also available.


In the Convento das Bernardas, with its own entrance, is the well-known restaurant A Travessa.

Travessa do Convento das Bernardas, nº 12

Tel: +351 213 902 034
Fax: +351 213 940 839

Closed on Monday and Sunday | Lunch is not served

Rent a space

Museu da Marioneta may rent part of its premises. Send us your request and we will analyse it.

Cloister: Maximum 100 people seated or 200 standing.

Chapel/Auditorium: Maximum 60 people seated or 100 standing.
Smoking if forbidden.

Information and bookings: +351 213 942 810 |