Workshops and visits for adults


This Master class focuses on the distinct relationship between performer, puppet and the audience and what links them together.

Starting point is the theory that the puppeteer is a service-provider, who attempts to communicate to the audience a specific idea, story or concept in order to entertain, educate, support and /or inspire. Participants will explore the tools and techniques at hand to best achieve this goal of communication.

A puppeteer attempts to present an object (called puppet), so it appears as being alive. He imbues it with a life force, by extending his energy into the object. Like the sword of a samurai or the violin of the musician, the puppet becomes an energetic extension of the manipulator.


Where does the energy to perform a puppet come from, and how does it best transfer to the audience? An exploration of breathing, awareness, movement, and balance will help us find some answers.


This program is a combinaton of lecture and hands/on exercises intended to offer puppeteers a refreshing look at the philosophical backbone to their Art.